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Choice of materials for plantation shutters

Are you planning to install plantation shutters for your modern home?

Then we are here to help you to figure out the best choice of materials for window shutters that suits both your needs and budget.

Let's see the different types of material available for plantation shutters.

plantation shutters are increasing rapidly because it protects homes, commercial units and properties from the harsh Australian environment. Shutters are usually made with the materials like basswood, poplar, aluminium and PVC (polyvinyl chloride). These materials quality and price will often vary based on your purchase of Australian made or imported shutters.

Aluminium shutters

Aluminium is a tough metal. A shutter made with this material protects your home from strong hurricane and prevent criminals from breaking your home.
Metal plantation shutters can be painted with the color you desire and it fits perfectly for modern homes.
Australian Window Covering in Melbourne, delivers most durable plantation shutters with weather resistant.

Poplar shutters

Poplar shutters are known for its sturdy texture and it is durable and good-looking which is a great fit for painted shutters. It will not crack, warp or peel..

Basswood shutters

It is often called as "lime timber" and best suited for indoor use. This type of wood is stable and suitable for every situation. The price range of basswood shutters are perfect and cheap.

Wooden shutters

Wooden shutters are little expensive but it definitely add value to your home. Homes which are equipped with wooden plantation shutters are value more in the real estate business.

PVC shutters

Polyvinyl chloride is simply referred as PVC. PVC shutters are the wise choice for the price-conscious consumers. It provides high durability which is more suitable for both internal and external use.

Thermalite plantation shutters

It is extremely durable and environment friendly. It is more flexible and suits for both internal and external rooms like bedrooms, bathrooms, balconies, kitchens and living areas. It provides more insulation than wooden and aluminium made shutters. It last longer for many years and you will get it with 25 years of warranty.

Why Choose Australian Window Covering Shutters and Blinds??

  1. Service all around Melbourne
  2. Competitive Rates
  3. Best Quality
  4. Experience Installers
  5. We supply and Install Shutters , Blinds all around Melbourne and it is made for Australian weather condition
  6. 100% custom made Shutters in all shapes
  7. Bi folding shutters, sliding door shutters, fixed shutters, hinged shutters
  8. The Window blinds protects you from sun heat.
  9. It effectively helps in light control
  10. Infinite colors, expertly matched to your sample with advanced computer technology
  11. The Window blinds provides the privacy in your living area.
  12. This is the effective use to save energy inside your house because of its insulation.
  13. It enhances the beauty of your room with its attractive shades.

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