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Blind and curtain motorisation

Smarter, automatic shades & curtains

The main reason you’ll love Mains Powered Motors, for blinds or awnings, is how easy they are to set up and control. Whether connected to a Wynmotion Smart Home System or a remote, our Wynmotion motors are what you’re looking for.
Connected home

Control your shade at the touch of a button, or simply automate it

Control your blinds, or curtains with complete freedom from anywhere in your house. With options to control one window individually or all at the same time motorised blinds and curtains offer a lot of versatility.

At Australian Window Covering we have automation options that operate seamlessly with popular existing home automation systems allowing you to easily integrate window coverings into the most basic, or sophisticated of smart homes.

Window covering automation and motorisation is the way of the future and our innovative systems make it more affordable than ever for you to simplify your routines and change the way you interact with your home.
smart devices

Discover what smart systems our blinds and curtains work with

Able to work seamlessly with popular systems like Control4 and out of the box with Google Home, Amazon Alexa or Apple Homekit, our motorised blinds and curtains are a breeze to install.

Simply connect the devices and start setting up routines to make your life more comfortable without having to worry about opening or closing blinds ever again.
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