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Plantation Shutters

Australian Window Covering offers wide range of Plantation Shutters in Melbourne with good quality and colours. Plantation Shutters provide unique style, privacy, warmth, versatility, ventilation and increased energy efficiency. It can be designed and manufactured to fit any window and door size. Plantation shutters look great in almost any environment and control light and enhance privacy through effortless operation. It can also be installed in French doors as well as sliding doors. Mounted indoors, plantation shutters compliment both traditional and contemporary window covering styles providing a clean, finished look and an atmosphere of seclusion.

Aluminium Plantation Shutters

We offer an assortment of Eliptical sharp edge profiles in Aluminum going from 45mm to 200mm sizes (profiles constantly held in stock) 300,400,450,600 are indent. Aluminum gives a suspicion that all is well and good and solidness for either inside or outside. The ShutterGard extent is a licensed security Plantation Shutter contrasting option to terrible iron bars.

see our Gallery for awesome thoughts and case to guide you through your initial outline stages. Also, recall that we make Shutters in Western Red Cedar, Hardwood, and Combo-an aluminum outline with various infill of your decision. Enquire about electronic remote control and manual remote operation.

Aluminium shutters have long been the choice selection of commercial and high-end architects, for their strength and aesthetic presence. The Weatherwell collection of aluminium shutters now brings these favourites into the domestic setting, changing homes and home living. Supreme ease of maintenance, durability and the fusion of indoor and outdoor spaces are just some of the many benefits of Weatherwell aluminium shutters.

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Timber Plantation Shutters

Natural, admired and inherently efficient, Highprofile shutters are made from sustainably sourced hardwood timber and 100% of the timber species. Highly prized by homeowners, designers and decorators alike, Highprofile timber shutters create immediate aesthetic impact and transform living spaces. Available in painted, stained and customised options, Highprofile is the bespoke shutter range for Australian living and a quality selection for all styles of home.

Every piece of wood used for Highprofile Elite shutters has been responsibly harvested from family owned forests in America. These families demand that conservation is at the forefront of their harvesting practices.Wood is reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable. In comparison, non-organic materials not only require excessive energy to produce, but are non-recyclable.Wood is a renewable resource and costs the environment less compared to other products.

Did you know that windows are typically responsible for losing 25%-50% of the energy used to heat and cool a home? Highprofile shutters will help reduce your home’s energy consumption by oering UV protection and heat reflection during summer months,and will act as an insulator and chill barrier in the winter.

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PVC Plantation Shutters

Polytherm PVC is an entry-level shutter that provides a cost effective PVC alternative whilst retaining the timeless look and feel of shutters. They are perfect for price-conscious consumers, particularly those seeking shutters over blinds and other window treatments. Manufactured in the same factory as our Highprofile ranges, Polytherm is also finished in quality 2-pack paint.

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Basswood Plantation Shutters

On the off chance that you are searching for shades made of timber, then basswood is considered as the most reasonable one for Plantation shutters. Basswood (or known as Tilia tree) is surely understood for the tough trunks. What's more, its inflexibility permits bigger board to be fabricated easily in one piece. It is lighter in weight, and straighter with less sap and breaks in nature, which all together forms its benefits for making shutters. Also, not normal for some other timber sorts, basswood is impervious to twisting and won't be influenced by daylight and warmth. Our Basswood Shutters are made utilizing 100% furniture grade Basswood that start from a practical source. The majority of our pastes and paints are 100% non-dangerous, lead free and arsenic free.

Considering all these advantages, you can pick your sought outline, size of louvers, shading and opening technique. In addition, we give you an adequate 10-year guarantee for basswood shutters, which will console you the quality and believability of Basswood Shutters.

Thermoline Plantation Shutters

Thermoline Plantation shutters are the forefront in shades innovation today. Thermoline Plantation Shutters are made utilizing a figured mix of Poly Vinyl Chloride, fiberglass, and fortified with an interesting, Aluminum center. These materials are very tough and vitality productive, they are additionally twist verification, scratch safe, and not at all like some specific wood shutters, Thermoline shades are unequivocally prescribed and can be connected on most windows in any room. Bass offers a wide choice of shading alternatives. We offer a standard guarantee of 20 years for Thermoline Plantation Shutters.


Why Choose Australian Window Covering and High profile Aluminum Shutters??

  1. Service all around Melbourne
  2. Competitive Rates
  3. Best Quality
  4. Experience Installers
  5. We supply and Install Plantation Shutters all around Melbourne and it is made for Australian weather condition
  6. 100% custom made Shutters in all shapes
  7. Bi folding shutters, sliding door shutters, fixed shutters, hinged shutters
  8. We from Australian window covering team are most experience in the window covering industry, we are Some of few that provides best service in the industry, our customer service is second to none
  9. Australian window covering shutters are good looking they are allergy free, easy to clean, easy to control light and air flow It add beauty to your place
  10. Shutters will reduce the energy cost, it will add value to your home and it will make your place look good from inside and from out side
  11. 100% genuine American hardwood, harvested from family owned land with sustainable forestry and responsible conservation
  12. Made by a 75-year strong American family manufacturer, Elite comes with the assurance of the finest craftsmanship in the country
  13. Smooth flat louvers are a nod to shutter tradition, but the availability of a 5.25” wide louver gives the shutter its modern edge
  14. Infinite colors, expertly matched to your sample with advanced computer technology
  15. Highprofile Elite’s unsurpassed joint strength is achieved with mortise & tenon joinery which ensures maximum glue surface area, and a draw tight assembly screw.
  16. Instead of pins, the louvers are held firmly to the frame of the shutter with a tenon cut from the actual louver itself making it the strongest pivot design in the industry.
  17. Highprofile Elite has an aluminum insert embedded in the tilt rod linking to deep-set stainless steel louver staples. This gives a stronger rod-louver connection than the regular individual staple-to-staple design.
  18. Perfection starts with a trained eye carefully selecting the most perfect pieces of wood, with even grains and luxurious texture. The wood is then double checked with a computer scan for any irregularities.
  19. The lumbar is seasoned over a 2-3 month period with open air and kiln drying techniques. Then each raw wood board is cut into strips rotated 90 degrees and glued back together, similar to the process used to make super strong laminated beams. This is why Elite is considered the strongest wood shutter in the world.

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