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Twin Blinds Melbourne - Australia

    Twin blinds give you a unique two in one setup which allows you to combine two contrasting fabrics in one shade for one window. By installing Twin Blinds, during the day enjoy view through a highly translucent, light filtering fabric and at night, switch over to a more opaque, even dim-out fabric to eliminate light and ensure privacy. Good quality Twin Blinds is been provided by AWC in Melbourne with complete range of online services for Roller Blinds, Twin Blinds, Screen and Translucent which can be used for both day and night. The Twin Blinds contains different fabrics to meet individual requirements.

    Twin blinds offer quiet and modern look, while providing privacy and light control. They roll as completely in the head area which actually hides the blind and allows a clear view outside your window.Twin blinds are a unique solution that combines transparent fabric and lockout blind. The various strips of cloth slide over each other and the effect is an open and closed feeling. One advantage of twin blinds is that they can be completely enveloped in a discrete input box when not in use and offer breathtaking views outside.

    Our vertical blinds are perfect for large windows, doors and windows. Make an appointment with your advisor at home to see our latest collection .Our vertical blinds offer as style and practicality, offering a perfect balance of light and privacy. Control fingertip on levels of shade allows light to filter softly into her room while keeping prying eyes out.Our vertical blinds are available in a range of high performance fabrics to suit any room. Choose resistant to moisture for bathrooms and kitchens, room blinds and anti-reflective fabrics for living rooms and dining materials.

    Zebra Blinds offer the best combination of utility and style, and are the perfect blind for every room in the house. These easy to install blinds provide the optimum amount of sunlight while maintaining complete privacy for your home. Zebra and our blinds are designed to fit any window up to 72 inches long, and can be installed in 3 easy steps using our manual instructions. Our continuous droplet system lets you adjust the length of the curtain according to the measurements of each window.

    Zebra Blinds is designed to provide privacy and light control within a system. Horizontal panels are made of translucent bands, namely, the light will come through, but you can not see through them, and groups that are seen through. During the day you can arrange for the blind, for the bands that are seen through your computer. This allows you to see out of the room, but does not allow people to see inside such as antique-style curtains. In the evening time, the translucent panels can be placed so that they can not see in the room.

    Zebra Blinds, Shades sometimes called Vision Day and Night Duo Shades or blinds are a roller blind with a difference. They can fully open as a blind, but Zebra Blinds provide that extra bit of light control by allowing you to control the position of the horizontal slats position down. You can have them closed as a normal roller blind or can adjust the position of having to open that makes them look like a Venetian blind. Versatile Zebra blinds can give you that little luxury to your window and let you enjoy Dim-out in the comfort of home or office.

    A breakthrough in zebra blinds tones style, efficiency and function of the filter gently sun, combining control of the light in a horizontal blind. Stores Enviromental- friendly. It is made with a special process of armor, with a piece of Dacron among the pieces of gauze is added. The color does not fade when used long time.Its lighting strength is 5 grade.We use special techniques for their son will not break up.We make all exquisite technique in these stores, making it very soft its surface and bright, so clear line bright color can demonstrate that their materials value.Its is not easy to dirty and can be cleaned with water and can be ironed out.

    Vision Blinds - One window

    Animate your windows with vision blinds. The light control while maintaining the view to create an impact with vision, blind surprising new window for the modern home. Vision Blinds is a stylish fabric that softens slightly filter daylight, while offering the possibility of a blind privacy.

    The collection of the Vision Blinds fabric has metallic finishes, beautiful pretty transparent, woven natural effects of wood and a selection of muted. Combined with a series of shutters Vision retaining rail options are sure to complement any interior design scheme.

    Vision Blinds is a new innovative window blind that features two layers of translucent fabric and opaque horizontal stripes. The layer moves forward regardless of scratches to the back slide together to create an effect open and close with a light control without limits.

    Slide the tissue in a closed opaque opaque "allows total privacy and a beautiful block of beautiful fabric in the window, while the position opaque translucent" creates a stunning statement scratches.

    Shades of vision not only look great but they are practical too, allowing you to soften the excess light and reduce glare from entering your room. Easy to use, a check is used to drag beyond the opaque and translucent strips woven together. Our new Vision Blinds is a unique product and a new way to control light and privacy of your home and office. Roller Vision System offers the advantages of a blind, venetian blinds and vertical blinds.

    The vision blinds system uses a double layer fabric with mesh panels and alternating tissue. When the shutter button is fully down alternating fabric panels close the outside, but with small movements in the world of controls; levels of light and vision can be adjusted in function similar to the way a blind or Venetian blind. The fabric can also roll some or all the way to a fully open window like a shutter

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