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    If it’s 100% timber, it’s 100% organic and renewable. Timber shutters are recyclable, biodegradable and require less energy to be produced than other inorganic materials. Hardwoods such as poplar and basswood naturally ensure durability for lasting impact and endure far longer than synthetic counterparts. They are also less likely to collect allergens, which can be trapped in artificial substances.


    Quite simply, not all timber shutters are created equal. Highprofile shutters are true hardwood timber shutters made from 100% of the same timber species. Many other shutters sold as ‘basswood shutters’ are Laminated Veneer Lumber – a thin Basswood veneer (approximately 30%) around laminated strips of other timbers. Highprofile ensures 100% confidence in the composition of your hardwood timber shutters.


    We are proud to offer customers the option of having FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) timber for specialised jobs, on request. While all of the timber used in our products come from sustainable forestry, FSC takes an extra step to ensure timber is milled and manufactured in an environmentally sound manner. TWO is certified by the FSC to distribute and promote FSC products.


    Natural, admired and inherently efficient, Highprofile shutters are made from sustainably sourced hardwood timber and 100% of the timber species. Highly prized by homeowners, designers and decorators alike, Highprofile timber shutters create immediate aesthetic impact and transform living spaces. Available in painted, stained and customised options, Highprofile is the bespoke shutter range for Australian living and a quality selection for all styles of home.


    Highprofile Painted shutters transform both traditional and contemporary interiors. Made from 100% premium poplar, a low-density light coloured hardwood, they possess a fine texture and flawless finish. Available in a range of standard, personalised and Dulux matched colours, these timeless shutters are painted with quality 2-pack polyurethane paint. The unique construction across the Highprofile collection ensures efficient yield from the tree and a more environmentally friendly and economical product. Truly bespoke, they can be infinitely customised to suit individual style, architecture and décor.


    Highprofile Stained shutters provide the rich, luxurious appeal of natural timber. Made from 100% premium basswood, chosen expressly for its even grain and light colour, Highprofile Stained shutters complement all home styles. Available in a range of popular stains, the indistinct grain enhances the colouring process for a uniform texture across both lighter and darker shades. Truly bespoke, they can be infinitely customised to suit individual style, architecture and décor. The unique construction across the Highprofile collection ensures efficient yield from the tree and a more environmentally friendly and economical product.


    Highprofile Elements is a unique shutter, exclusive to TWO Australia, which incorporates a solid poplar timber frame with PVC blades. Natural and synthetic elements are cleverly fused to provide a lighter option than other shutters of full PVC composition. This innovative hybrid shutter is finished in quality 2-pack paint

    Why Choose High profile Timber Shutters?

    1. 100% genuine American hardwood, harvested from family owned land with sustainable forestry and responsible conservation
    2. Made by a 75-year strong American family manufacturer, Elite comes with the assurance of the finest craftsmanship in the country
    3. Smooth flat louvers are a nod to shutter tradition, but the availability of a 5.25” wide louver gives the shutter its modern edge
    4. Infinite colors, expertly matched to your sample with advanced computer technology
    5. Highprofile Elite’s unsurpassed joint strength is achieved with mortise & tenon joinery which ensures maximum glue surface area, and a draw tight assembly screw.
    6. Instead of pins, the louvers are held firmly to the frame of the shutter with a tenon cut from the actual louver itself making it the strongest pivot design in the industry.
    7. Highprofile Elite has an aluminum insert embedded in the tilt rod linking to deep-set stainless steel louver staples. This gives a stronger rod-louver connection than the regular individual staple-to-staple design.
    8. Perfection starts with a trained eye carefully selecting the most perfect pieces of wood, with even grains and luxurious texture. The wood is then double checked with a computer scan for any irregularities.
    9. The lumbar is seasoned over a 2-3 month period with open air and kiln drying techniques. Then each raw wood board is cut into strips rotated 90 degrees and glued back together, similar to the process used to make super strong laminated beams. This is why Elite is considered the strongest wood shutter in the world.
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