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Window curtains have been the vogue from time immemorial as they are stylish, soft, flowing and very decorative adding to the elegance of the room or house. But, they have been either open or closed and any other options have not been available even as a custom made choice. Our shades bring you the versatility of curtains which are curtains as well as blinds. The shades flow without any hindrance as the fabric is so soft. They retain the flow and the elegance without the encumbrance of weights or chains.

The fabric is soft with alternate folds that are opaque. With the new uniquely designed shades you can have the elegance and versatility of a sheer and the privacy of a curtain. The shades can be pulled back fully to allow maximum sunlight into the room. We have provided no cords in our shades so that they are safe and friendly for children and pets. You can just walk through the curtains and they part away and fold back to the original position.

A twist or turn of the wand makes the shades either translucent or opaque ensuring optimum light at any time of the day or night. Another convenient and attractive feature of our shades is that they use a single track thereby occupying much less space than the conventional curtains. The fabric has been chosen for an elegant look and feel and the 100 % polyester fabric gives protection from ultraviolet rays. We have a fantastic range of colors which can be mixed and matched to suit your decor. Moreover, the fabric is UV treated to resist fading and it can be made fire retardant too. The fabric is soil resistant and can be removed and washed within a matter of minutes

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Verishades are very efficient in reducing summer heat gain are to prevent the sun’s ray from striking the glass windows, our shadings are elemental in keeping temperature low, it reduces the solar heat gain as much as 80 percent by a fully covered window. The shades come with futuristic motorized feature to ease the usage of shades, with a click of remote or flick of a switch you can lift, lower or tilt all the shades. The option best works for oversized shades that are heavy to operate. Mounting separate shades with motorized option, serves the best for larger window which give appealing look and draws attention of each individual window, as well as, gives style and light control to your sweet home.

Our shades are contemporary version, designed to match both modern household and traditional as well. Verishades are the most popular window coverings, offers new shading and refinements for your favorite décor with good durability, Sunray’s protection and privacy. It even work as two-in-one shades, provide with multiple options for home decoration style and light control.

Verishades are specially developed for a unique and best window treatment, they are installed professionally on to match the interior. Most house owners choose the shades for its dramatic features like heat control, light controlling, air ventilation and privacy at low cost.


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